Since quiet a often, I have been requested by many people, that they would love to know something about the old zamindari cuisine and food culture of Panchetgarh. About, what was the prevailing food cusine and food ingredients.

A very interesting subject, that made me think. And, as I applied my thoughts to this subject, I came to the conclusion that surely this is exactly the story about Panchetgarh, that we would like to share with the World at large.

The Food culture of Panchetgarh is a whole rainbow of sensory experience, a vast expanse over other worldly things.

From the unique and elaborate process of making various types of "Bori" or dried lentil dumplings, to the various unique dishes like "kumro ghonto" to various types of "macher taak" both with tamarind or with dried raw mango or even the various types of basic breakfasts, usually with the base material of "muri" or puffed rice mixed with various types of fruits and curd or "dahi", it was a unique sensory experience and a part of the rich century old Bengali cuisine.

This rice was home pounded with the red outer coating on it. This rice had a distinct flavor and a sweet taste. Home made Ghee was abundantly used. Milk was plenty full, since there was a army if livestock both for farming purposes and milk production for the Raj Bari kitchen. Cheena or "home made chedder cheese" was an intergral part of the daily diet. I remember fondly that the lunch or dinner of my Grandfather Sri Jyanendra Nandan Dasmohaptra was never complete without the daily quota of "cheena" with sugar or gur or even it's various cooked forms.

A lot can be written about the Foods of Panchetgarh. In fact an idea is slowly forming in my mind that all the various cuisines and recepies of Panchetgarh should be collated together into a modern coffee table type of a book format which can be a very unique addition to many a collectors shelf's.

This subject is huge and I have not even scratched the surface. Though a beginning has been made.

Just like the nearly 400 years of history of Panchetgarh, the food habits of Panchetgarh is equally rich.

This is just the first of the series of write up on this subject. Watch this space for more. This is sure to become a big volume.