The Chowdhury- Dasmohapatra family though being originally worshippers of Lord Shiva, subsequently, they came under the influence of the Vashnava movement of Sri Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Wherein the message of universal love and Bhakti of Lord Krishna and Radha are central.

Just as they where the worshippers of various Hindu Gods, they adapted Hindu Temple architectural styles took built their Temple. Therefore the main three Mandirs and the Rajbari that the family built in Panchetgarh follow four seperate and distinct and different architectural styles in influence by both indigenous and British Styles.

The Palace or The Rajbari

This huge palatial edefiece is situated on a 42 acres ground with various water bodies scattered around and surrounded on its perimeter by a huge man made Mote (or Gar- khai as called in local perlance).

The palace has three different wings for both Residential, Administrative and Court purposes.

The Raj Bari is a fusion of Bengal and Colonial Architecture, where we see extensive uses of Grand Columns, Arches, big French windows and also Bengal architectural influences like Grand Courtyards, Thakurdalans and courtyards with Tulsi Manch.

Now this palace has been declare a Heritage Building by the State Government.


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